8 wedding photography tips you should know

Shooting a wedding can be harder than you'd imagine. Brush up your act with these great tips.
Kraig Block
February 23, 2018
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Best Wedding Photography Tips For Pros and Beginners

For most Pro Photographers, shooting weddings is a great filler between major projects. For some it's a (very profitable) career! However, even the most experienced photographers forget some of the essentials from time to time. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to become a Wedding Photography Master:

  • Don't miss on wearing comfortable shoes before you start the wedding shoot. Yes, I know you're trying to be a fashionable hot photographer but trust me, a pair of sports shoes go a long way when you're chasing down a bride which may or may not inflict harm upon you if you don't get her best angle.

Comfy = Focused

  • Use different lenses in order to capture diverse expressions. Go for wider apertures if you're shooting at nighttime or indoors. Make sure to have a portrait lens for photographs containing 1-3 people, and a wider lens for groups.
  • Get yourself a companion shooter. This is a must. Equip your partner with a zoom lens for maximum effect.

The buddy system works!

  • Never forget to carry an extra memory card so that you don’t run out of storage space. You know what, better make that 2 memory cards.
  • Try to capture each and every detail, even if it doesn't seem artistically right. This is not your personal exhibition, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a couple and YES - they do want to remember what the napkins looked like so catch EVERYTHING.
  • Shoot the venue before shooting the event. I cannot emphasize this enough. The worst thing a photographer can do is under-prepare. Be a PRO and get their before they do, try to find good spots, figure out where the sun will come from and know how to position yourself in advance.
  • Get your workflow ready. An average wedding can leave with thousands of photographs that will require image correction, sharpening, and resizing. This can take forever unless you use Photoshop Actions. You can create your own actions or simply download some from the web, or right here at PS Addict.
  • Look for unexpected moments. Capture that hidden moment that nobody would notice if it wasn't for you, and they'll LOVE YOU for it.

Kraig Block

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