How to avoid photographer's block

Photographer's block is a real thing. Especially when it comes to color correction.
Berta Reichert
February 1, 2018

Stop being scared of automation... really.

As a photographer, I always freak out when I return from a photoshoot or an event I worked and see how many files I have to retouch. SO MUCH EDITING! Applying the right corrections and changes in an album of several thousand pictures sounds as insane as reading every word of your syllabus book. Photoshop really has become a wish granting Genie in terms of color correction for thousands of images. Thank the gods of Photoshop for inventing automated processes and Actions. But simple automation isn't an entirely magical solution.

Much like writer's block, photographer's block is bound to happen at some point. And although you have all the tools required, it can sometimes take hours to get the right color correction applied. Sometimes nothing seems to trigger your creativity. It's not particularly easy to drag yourself out of those blues but not impossible either! I have a few simple tips and techniques on how to get around that problem and produce effective color correction on your photographs, in a way that'll be pleasing to both yourself and your client.

Pro Tip: If you have thousands of images to edit as a whole, don't obsess over one image in particular

Make Photoshop Actions Your Friend

Start with opening Photoshop (duh) and going to the Actions window. Next to the default actions you have the ability to record your own AND more importantly - you can Load actions you downloaded or bought online. I really do prefer the Actions I got on the internet over the ones I recorded myself because I know whoever made put has his or her whole heart into it before publishing it. So by getting Actions online you really bypass the entire photographer's block! Before you know it, you find yourself with a huge bank of automated actions - Actions for sunset time, Actions for indoors with fluorescent lights, Actions for green-ish natural sceneries and Actions for just about everything.

Photoshop actions, however, saves you a great deal of time but they aren't like your favorite leather jacket that goes with just about any outfit. Every set of photos has its own uniqueness and not every photo will look its best with the same filters used on the previous ones, this is where you can customize your actions accordingly to suit the desired impact.

I hope you start making better use of your Photoshop Actions, and of the huge resource of professionally recorded Actions available online. You'll save time, you'll save money and most importantly - you'll save energy and avoid dreaded creative pitfalls.

Berta Reichert

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