Stop being messy and organize your Photoshop Actions

If you really want to save time by using actions, stop tripping over your own legs and get that Actions Panel organized.
Ismael Osinski
February 23, 2018
Dos & Don'ts

Order is everything

I honestly believe that the key element of using Photoshop Actions well is organizing them in the actions panel. Organizing your Photoshop actions is vital. You are unconsciously wasting your time if your Photoshop actions are not organized. And that's absurd, considering that the only reason actions are there is to SAVE TIME.

There are multiple ways of organizing them.  The best thing to do with your Photoshop actions is to properly label and group them. It does not only let you remember the impacts of each action, but it saves you from the grind of applying multiple actions before you get the satisfactory effect. This task is easier than you think and there's no reason why you shouldn't do it now. I'll wait, really!

If this is what your Actions Panel looks like you might be a Photoshop Hoarder, sorry...

Hoarder ≠ Order

The next fundamental step of organizing Photoshop actions is considerably grouping them. The best practice in my opinion is Copying & Grouping. So what if there are multiple copies of each action floating around in your actions panel?! As long as they are placed in different groups - your workflow will only be faster and you'll be done with your color correction or resizing in a breeze.This makes your action panel way more negotiable. Most significantly, it lets you arrange your action sets based on their genre. Copying Photoshop actions is great.

Using actions will be piece of cake once you will abide by this series of tips that will eventually result in photography magic. Start building up your own collection of actions. Take your time for getting fond of using them, and then make them a constant part of your Photoshop and photography workflow. Investing considerable time in actions will let you save time in future - guaranteed.

Ismael Osinski

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